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A Baked Brie with Tangy Red Pepper Jelly

A Baked Brie with Tangy Red Pepper Jelly

Tangy Red Pepper Jelly has to be my favourite of all my products for Baked Brie!  Tangy Red Pepper Jelly works on all the Brie recipes listed on my website. This recipe was developed for those people who do not like the rind--like my daughter!  The Scooper's Baked Brie!  This recipe best for Dessert Brie using one of our Dessert Sauces and topped with coconut or crushed nuts!

By Marilyn Rootham


1.  Preheat oven to 350F (180C)

2.  Cut a thin slice of rind horizontally off the top of the Brie and discard. (Or eat!)

3.  Place in baking dish-preferably one that will go directly to table.

4.  Spoon 1-2TB ROOTHAM Tangy Red Pepper Jelly in center of Brie.

3. Warm Brie in pre-heated oven for 10 min.  May use microwave instead of oven.

5.  Once cooked, spread more jelly on top.

6.  Serve with bread or cracker that  will not break when trying to scoop.