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Mixed Grain Salad Shooters

Mixed Grain Salad Shooters

These little shooters are the perfect addition to your holiday party. With the winter flavour combination of orange and pomegranate they will surely get your guest into a festive mood quickly.



Place cooled grains into a mixing bowl and add Roothams Honey Portobello Vinaigrette. Put aside.

Cut pomegranate in half. Hold the half that you need for this recipe over a bowl with the cut side facing down into the bowl. Spank the skin with a wooden spoon to dislodge the seeds. Once you have spanked all the seeds out, quickly remove any pith from the bowl of seeds. Add the pomegranate seeds to the grains.

Using a knife, cut away the skin from the oranges. Squeeze the rinds over your grain salad to take advantage of the juices. Once the fruit is peeled, use a pairing knife to cut out the segments of orange into a bowl. Again, squeeze the juices from the pith section of the orange into the salad and discard it afterwards. Use your fingers to break the orange segments into small, fingernail sized pieces and put them into the salad.

Add herds, preserved lemon and season with salt and pepper. Reserve the salad until guest arrive.

To Serve: Spoon some of the salad into your shooter glasses. Make sure you get enough dressing in each glass so that the salad will slide out when guests attempt to do so. Topping each salad with a little smoked salmon is a great way to dress up this offering for your party.