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Make Your Product / Co-packing

Your culinary inspirations will feel at home in the Rootham kitchen! Do you have an in-house salad dressing or secret sauce you want to sell to your customers? Or would you like to take the preparation of your menu’s custom sauces out of your busy kitchen routine? Our federally inspected facility and 150-Litre kettles will make light work of your creations. Restaurants, farms, stores, chefs and private corporations use our 35 years of experience to help create new products or replicate their popular sauces in bulk. And size does not matter to us--we can bottle glass jars as tiny as 60ml (with a variety of cap options) all the way up to 12 Litre plastic pails. Come build your own line or put your name on one of the more than 50 flavours Rootham currently produces and market them as your own. Let’s sit down and discuss the possibilities!   Contact Will Roberts